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At Anexiam, we understand that legal translation is more than a transfer of words; it is a delicate process of preserving and accurately conveying legal concepts in different linguistic contexts. Our team of specialists in legal translation is committed to providing a quality service, guaranteeing the integrity and consistency of legal information. We recognise the importance of accuracy in legal translation as a cornerstone of success and fairness in legal matters.

Sworn translation

A sworn translation, also known as an official or certified translation, is a translation of a document that is legally binding in the source language. This type of translation can only be delivered by translators accredited by the public authority of a country. In our case, only translators authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation can provide them.

A sworn translation is only issued for legally binding source documents (e.g. certificates, contracts, legal judgements, etc.), in such a way that the translated text maintains the same legal authenticity.

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