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Online translation agency

Welcome to the website of Anexiam, a linguistic services and translation agency

What we offer

In addition to offering a wide range of linguistic services, Anexiam is specialised in proofreading and translation into more than 50 languages

Our main translation services are:

  • General translation
  • Sworn translation
  • Specialised translation
  • Web content translation
  • App translation

Anexiam offers professional translations for a wide range of fields: legal, scientific, medical, technical, financial, etc. Based on the field, we tailor management of your project and allocate translators accordingly, as our core mission is to attain the best possible translation for that target market.

Other linguistic services provided by Anexiam:

  • Proofreading

Our online translation agency offers a proofreading service whose principal goal is to detect errors related to grammar, spelling and punctuation, although cohesion, consistency and the quality of the overall text is also reviewed. This service is provided by linguists specialised in the language of the source document.

  • Interpreting

Anexiam offers a team of native, professional interpreters who will help your company to communicate freely with its international clients. We provide you with the type of interpreting that best suits your needs: consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting or liaison interpreting.

  • Transcription

Anexiam’s team of native transcribers is able to convert audio or video files in any format into written text. We work with audio taken from conferences, speeches, interviews, films, etc. These transcribed texts can then be used for the purposes of voiceovers or subtitling.


Our team of translators and linguists

Our translation company has an experienced team of qualified, native translators who provide high-quality translations adapted to the target market. What’s more, our translators work with the most advanced technology in order to guarantee an efficient, high-quality service.


Quality and the latest technologies at the service of our translations

Our translations, delivered by native translators, are crafted using the most advanced computer-assisted technology (CAT tools) from both the translation and localisation sectors and project management and desktop publishing. These tools allow human error to be minimised, ensure consistent use of terminology, improve the quality of our translations, help to reduce time frames and guarantee efficient, high-quality work.


Customer service

Anexiam assigns an exclusive project manager to each client, someone who is responsible for really getting to know our client’s company, their goals and their needs in order to tailor our translation services in the best possible way and to ensure the project’s success.



Anexiam complies with the Data Protection Act so that our clients can rest assured when entrusting our professional translation company with their texts and information.

Our translation agency understands how important it is for companies to protect their professional privacy and intellectual property, which is why, in addition to working with highly secure servers and workstations, all of our employees and partners with access to our clients’ confidential information must sign confidentiality agreements.

The trust of our clients is vital to our online translation agency.

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