English is the most spoken and global language there is today. The countries known to have this language as their mother tongue are the UK, the USA, Australia and Canada. So, most students and people who seek to learn English usually travel to one of these places. One of the hardest things about travelling and living abroad is usually the money: paying for living expenses while studying can be very expensive. This is why some people decide to look at other options that are cheaper but, at the same time, more interesting.

There are a few countries that have made English their second language. This means that English is taught in schools and the majority of the population speak it.  Here are a few countries where learning English can be affordable and a unique experience:


This country is known for its high level of English. It is spoken mainly in the big cities and is a language that is often used in business. Here, you will be able to enjoy discovering an exotic and unique country while you learn a new language. You can attend an English academy, but if you want to live the full experience, working in India for a couple months will really improve your English skills.


Malta is known for its good weather and beautiful beaches, but many people don’t know that its second language is English. The main cities for studying English are Gozo, La Valeta, and Silemo. The prices of schools and academies are quite low, as are living costs. All this plus the perfect weather makes Malta a great place for you to spend some time learning English.

The Caribbean:

This destination may seem like a holiday option, but it can offer you much more than that. There are few countries here where English isn’t their second, or first, language. You can choose to study in an academy or to help and learn by volunteering and living there. It can be a great experience to grow, have fun and, the same time, learn English.

The Philippines:

This country is popular for Asian people, with regards to the English language. People from surrounding Asian countries see the Philippines as a

great place to work and, at the same time, learn English. There are lots of academies that are very economical. So, if you want to visit an exotic place and, at the same time, learn English, the Philippines could be just what you’re looking for.

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