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Transcriptions are only delivered by transcribers who are native speakers of the language that is to be transcribed. This is because it is important to understand the speaker no matter their accent, as well as being familiar with the subject area, interpreting words, ignoring background noise, using punctuation correctly, etc.

Anexiam’s team of native transcribers is able to convert audio or video files in any format into written text.

The cost of a transcription varies according to the length of the audio or video, the number of speakers, the format, etc.

We work with audio taken from conferences, speeches, interviews, films, etc. These transcribed texts can then be used for the purposes of voiceovers or subtitling.

There are two types of transcription:

-          Literal transcription

In literal transcription all audible sounds are transcribed, including unfinished words, pronunciation errors, repeated words, sounds, etc. In other words, everything that is heard on the audio or video. This type of transcription is normally required for court hearings and evidence.

-          Natural transcription

In natural transcription only relevant information is translated to attain a more fluid text with no interruptions. The result is a more natural text, which nonetheless stays true to the meaning of the words and sentences. This type of transcription is normally required for interviews, debates, press releases, etc.


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